BAMBOO - Bucket Hand Bag




A representation of nature and arts, the Bamboo Bucket Handbag is one of our designer's latest and rare creations. The facade of the bag is decorated with cut bamboo branches stitched by transparent fish silk threads vertically. Paired with leather accessories, the bag shows a balance of rigidity and softness, perfect to carry for different occasions. * Bamboo Body with Leather Trims * Leather Handle & Macramé Strap * Polyester Lining with Drawstring closure * Measurement: 15cm x 10cm x 18cm * Handles: 9cm drop * Strap (Macramé or Leather): Detachable with 50cm drop, * Leather Strap is adjustable from 48-52cm * Color: Natural White / Natural Rose

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竹 -  水桶型竹袋


  • 竹枝籃: 15cm x 10cm x 18cm
  • 聚脂纖維內裡及內袋
  • 聚脂纖維索口布開關
  • 真皮手挽:中高9cm
  • 肩帶(編織或皮, 可選其一): 可移除式, 中高50cm; 皮肩帶可調節中高48-52cm
  • 顏色:白色, 腊粉紅


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