Rattan color in the market is always Natural. To enrich the color family for rattan, the designer attempts PINK color. After staining, it turned out to be more antique due to the original natural base color. Hickory is one body construction style with a single handle and detachable shoulder strap. The canvas pouch can retain your property with drawstring closure. * Rattan Woven Body * Genius Cow Leather Straps * Cotton Canvas Lining * Measurement: 12.5cm x 12.5cm x 16cm * Strap: Detachable and Adjustable, 56-61cm drop * Color: Pink

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粉紅系列- 核桃木

籐一般是自然色,經過染色,創造了粉紅色,由於原藤料偏黃, 要重複染色三次,才能遮蓋大部份底色,仍輕輕透出米色,意想不到粉紅籃身,竟別具復古効果,配上茶色皮件,非常清新;核桃木桶型籐籃,是一體編織,除皮手挽外,更有移除式皮肩帶及厚棉索袋。

  • 籐料編織盒: 12.5cm長 x 12.5cm闊x 16cm高
  • 米白色厚棉內裡
  • 隱型磁鈕底索口布牛皮單手挽
  • 移除式牛皮肩帶, 可調節中高56-61cm
  • 顏色: 粉紅色

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