VINTAGE – Mini Picnic Box




The focus of this style is our colorful ropes that are woven on wrapped rattan frames. After crossover weaving of many ropes, the entire color tone is puzzled. Adding the TEA color of leather and gold locks, the box is vintage and graceful. Notwithstanding this box is a piece of handbag, it may be a Treasure Box to associate your property and memories. Mini Version is so cute that everybody love it. * Polyester Cord woven on rattan frame * Genius Cow Leather Straps * Gold Hardware * Polyester Lining * Measurement: 18cm x 7.5cm x 14cm * Adjustable Strap: 36-40cm drop * Color: Honey Mustard & Rose Tea

Product Details


首先要用籐條把鐵架纏好,再用彩繩穿梭來回編織,大盒子共花上幾天才能完成,是考驗體力與內力的結晶品。這款重要材料是彩色繩子,其中玫瑰茶色是由七種顏色線織成,在自然籐色框框引領下,成品的色調變得撲索迷人,配上茶色皮件,結合成非常獨特的盒仔。除予人一種復古的感覺,它的寶箱外型,想起兒時收藏在眾多箱子的寶貝,要懷緬一番!細版精緻, 人見人愛, 是你我都想擁有的寶箱.

  • 籐框+彩繩編織盒: 18cm x 14cm x 7.5cm
  • 自然色聚脂纖維布內裡
  • 皮搭扣+金色插鎖開關
  • 牛皮單手挽
  • 移除式牛皮肩帶, 可調節中高36-40cm
  • 顏色: 玫瑰茶 / 蜜糖芥末

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