WOVEN LEATHER - Premium Satchel



Woven Leather is the finest in terms of quality, functionality and simplicity. This flap backpack showcases Edlyn's challenging craftsmanship. Executive Tote is our premium design for executives. * Leather Woven Body & Flap * Genuine Cow Leather Handles * Measurement: 33 x 20 x 18cm` * Genuine Cow Leather Handles: 20cm drop * Strap: Detachable, Adjustable from 56cm to 60cm drop * Colors: As per request * Pre-order Only * Deliver within one month after order confirmation

Product Details

織皮系列 - 高階手挽肩背袋

織皮手袋是奢華工藝品, 精細工藝,是一門專業。選材至製作、 剪裁、  縫合、 到組裝, 每一個步驟都是挑戰編者工藝;普遍都以一幅皮革剪裁,但 Edlyn的設計師大膽將皮革裁成皮條, 再作編織。這款織皮包是Edlyn最优質產品, 值得擁有。

  • 皮條編織袋身33cm x 20cm x 18cm
  • 聚脂纖維襯裡及內袋
  • 磁片開關
  • 真皮挽手20cm中高
  • 真皮肩帶, 移除式及可調節長度56-60cm
  • 顏色: 待定
  • 只接受預訂, 貨品一個月內完成

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