YOUTH - Envelop Crossbody Pouch




Youth - A unisex series that makes a great everyday style for everyone. Staying organized is important for keeping stress to a minimum, the earth tone crossbody bag is perfectly sized to fit into a carry-on bag, and is sized to carry only the essentials when you don’t have much to bring. The entire bag is crocheted around a cotton paraffined rope, which gives its body a better texture and is more stabilized. Strap is detachable, it’s a perfect two-ways bag for you. * Polyester Cord + cotton paraffined rope * Polyester Lining * Polyester Cord Strap * Zip top Closure * Body Measurement: 23cm x 18cm * Adjustable Strap from 36cm to 64cm drop * Colors: Sea Blue / Forest / Sand


青年系列 - 休閒斜肩包(橫款)

這款是中性系列,設計師再為年青男女創造兩款小型斜背包。編織方法與別不同,主要繞住一根腊棉繩鈎織,除了固定整個包包外型,鈎織橫紋圖案更加立體,以黑色皮件、襯裡、肩帶配襯,簡樸輕便易用,橫款包包是移除式肩帶, 收藏後可放置大包隨時備用是任何年青人隨意穿著配搭之選。

  • 混紡纖維繩+腊棉繩: 23cm x 18cm
  • 黑色聚脂纖維襯裡
  • 黑色棉織帶單肩帶
  • 銀色齒拉鍊開關
  • 肩帶: 中高可調節尺寸36 cm至64cm
  • 顏色: 海藍 / 綠林 / 沙色