YOUTH - Large Satchel




Youth - A unisex series that makes a great everyday style for everyone. The designer created this collection for her son & daughter. The bag is tightly crocheted and has a soft touch in texture. No lining is attached. The large Satchel bag is suitable for most outfits - choose a color that matches your vibe. * Polyester Cord Crochet Body * Stripe Poly webbing Strap * Polyester Cord drawstring closure at top * Body Measurement: 36 cm x 43 cm x 12 cm * Strap: Adjustable up to 85 cm * Colors: Black/Beige-Pink/Beige-Green/Navy

Product Details



  • 混紡纖維繩鈎織袋: 36 cm x 43 cm x 12 cm
  • 條子織帶單肩帶
  • 聚脂纖維繩索口開關
  • 肩帶: 可調節最長至85cm
  • 顏色: 黑色/米色粉紅帶/米色綠色帶/深藍

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